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DefSec Org Networks

In the DefSec org of the IALab there are 7 available org networks

  • Lessons
    • All demos and labs for club meetings
  • Blue_Team
    • All defensive/blue team systems for competitions. Also purple team systems.
  • Red_Team
    • All offensive/red team systems for competitions
  • DefSec_01
    • Misc 1
  • DefSec_02
    • Misc 2
  • DefSec_03
    • Misc 3
  • vCloud_Internet
    • Only DHCP
    • Just internet access

Other notable networks

  • VPN
    • All defsec VPN clients
  • Red IP randomizer
    • Randomized source address for red team traffic

The first 6 networks will give DHCP addresses in 10.x.100.0 - 10.x.200.0 and are all CIDR /16 (netmask The upstream router which is also upstream DNS is at 10.x.0.1.

Connecting to the VPN will put you on If you would like to connect to a vpn client from the red team network then you must add a route to via


Crude diagram of the main networks in the org. Please contact me if you want to make a better one :)

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