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CCDC (the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition) is a blue-team competition focusing fully on active network and system defense. The premise of the competition is that each team is a group of IT Security contractors brought into a business to clean up the mess left by the previous security team and harden the networks of the company.

The goal of the competition is to score points by keeping your company's critical services online. Each team is given a network with various Windows and Linux systems hosting the scored critical services. Their goal is to maintain all service functionality while they defend against the active red-team. They are also required to fulfill business "injects" throughout the day. Injects are tasks requested of the company manager and are used to continually meet operation deadlines.

The official CCDC competitions are 2 day events that run about 7-8 hours each day. Teams are allowed to bring any printed notes/cheatsheets they would like to use as references. Each team is also allowed to develop scripts to help automate tasks, however these scripts must be pushed to Github by the deadline prior to the competition date. For more rule information, see:

For information about our region, the At Large (ALCCDC) region, see here:

For any other information regarding the competition you can read about it on the National CCDC website here: Also, feel free to reach out to some students around campus for more information. Many of the computer club officers would be happy to tell you more about it.

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