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Capture The Flag (CTF) Club

About Us

Hello! Welcome to CTF Club (also known as the Based CTFers)! Our mission is to enhance offensive cybersecurity tactics through the world of competitive cybersecurity.

Jeopardy CTF competitions help you sharpen your cybersecurity skills by solving challenges to capture "flags" and earn points in a fun, gamified environment. All levels of experience from complete beginner to expert are welcome to drop in anytime! We'd love to have you come do CTFs with us!

Additionally, compete in the DSU CTF throughout the school year!
Link: or or

Stay up to date with the #ctf-club channel in the Computer Club Discord for the latest updates, and react to our group's role in the #info channel to get the role for pings!

Our Leaders

Gwendolyn Vongkasemsiri(Currently unavailable)
Daniel Sobczak

DM Gwen (cyb3rvalkyrie) or Daniel (thechip74) on Discord anytime for more information, CTF topic suggestions, or if you want to help lead a meeting!

Meeting Times

Regular meetings: Weekly on Monday nights from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM CT in EH 100. Meetings will also be streamed on Discord for online participants.

Training Platforms (Only 100% FREE platforms are listed)

Note 1: Many of the platforms listed as "General Jeopardy CTF" may also include other topics, such as red teaming.
Note 2: Some platforms listed may have more content available with a paid subscription, however, they should also have plenty of free content.

General Resources

Free Training Courses


  • Check for a great list of upcoming CTFs we may potentially participate in!
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