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  • Windows 8
  • If you rename a SharePoint folder that is associated with a teams channel, then it makes a new folder for the channel, and they are both undeletable.
  • There is a python3.exe binary in windows 10, that when executed brings you to a windows store page to download python. Sometimes it takes precedence over python installed manually via MSI
  • Ads in system settings
  • You can only install windows 11 on a machine that has approximately 3 arbitrary attributes
  • Active hours being a thing on windows server. Ah yes my HA server is only in use from 9am-5pm
  • "If you click no and open recycling bin anyways, Windows will crash. Im going to leave it and call it a feature" ~ An actual windows dev (source?)
  • File search settings on windows 11 are under the 'Privacy & Security' section
  • Python in excel… because we all saw how well macros went
  • After logging in:
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